The #1 Key That Turns Conflict to Connection

For most of us, conflict means DISCONNECTION from the other person
and that’s why we generally tend to avoid conflicts –
for fear of losing connection, love or friendship.

However, it IS possible to turn conflict situations into an opportunity for more connection!

There are many strategies I’ve practiced along the years to be able to do just that.

And in today’s Video-Log I share with you the #1 strategy of all times
to help you turn conflict into an opportunity for connection.

It is a simple tool, so simple you might be surprised at how obvious it is,
yet practicing it regularly is truly life-changing. Read More …

How to Stop Avoiding Conflicts and Start Engaging with Them Positively

Most of us know this scenario quite well:

A conflict arises in our life between ourselves and someone else, or between two other people who are dear to us,
and our first reaction is…RUN!


We generally just want to make this conflict disappear ASAP
so that we can go on with our lives in harmony and ease.

However, the good news is that there IS a different way to approach conflicts!

In today’s Video-log I talk about how to stop avoiding conflicts

and start engaging with them as golden opportunities for transformation in our life. Read More …