[VIDEO] How To Get Out Of Relationship Loops

How to Get Out of Relationship

So often in my past relationships, I used to get into these exhausting “loops” with my partner.

I’m sure you know what I mean because I get asked about this a lot, but just to be clear:

I mean those scenes & patterns that keep repeating themselves

over and over again in your relationship.

Here’s a loop example from one of my previous relationships:
My partner would like to spend more time on his own, while I preferred we spent more time together.

So whenever I suggested we did something together and he said “no”,
I would get upset and go into my “hurt & complaining” mode;
which would trigger him into his “defensive-attacking” mode,

and make him pull away even further;
which made me complain even more;
and the loop went on and on…

Every couple I’ve ever worked with has reported a “Loop” of some kind in the relationship.

It may be an argument about a recurring topic,
It may be a recurring scenario,
It may be a pattern of communication or behavior that keeps playing up

Whatever it may be, if you’ve experienced this,
I want you to know that there IS a way out of this mess. 

I’ve made you a new video with
4 practical steps you can take right now
to get yourself out of relationship loops! 
(If you watch all the way to the end, you’ll even get to see my man doing some funny stuff in the bloopers 🙂 )

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AND Don’t forget to comment below and share:
What have been some “loops” in your relationship? How do you deal with them?
We learn so much from each other’s wisdom!

Yours with love,

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