The #1 Mistake Couples Make in Relationships (and how to avoid it)

You know, I’ve actually experienced quite a lot of relationship turmoil in my past.
Going in and out of relationships,
Constant doubting, is this person “The One”?
Running away from relationships when things got too rocky,
Getting attracted to people who treated me poorly,
Constant fear of losing the relationship…
You name it 🙂

However, if I have to think about 1 thing that was common in all of those broken up relationships,
it would be this 1 BIG mistake that I’ve made EVERY time and I’ve seen people I work with make it over and over again.

I made you a video that will help you understand this mistake AND how to avoid making it.

This is definitely not for couples only,

Singles, you really want to know this stuff before going into your next relationship! 

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Also, last week I shared with my mailing list a story about the Power of SURRENDER
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So in the spirit of surrender, I’m actually in the process of shifting my website and blog to a new focus

and from now it will be called: Conscious Couples! coples3-02

This is through my surrendering to a new calling, seeing as most of my clients are couples

or people who have trouble keeping a healthy relationship.

Singles are totally encouraged to keep following, as these tools are super-valuable for your next relationship and/or other relationships in your life!

So go ahead and watch the video and don’t forget to leave your comment below, share & like it, so more people can avoid making this relationship-killer mistake!

With love, Efrat

P/S for those of you who live in Byron Shire or surroundings, if you want to explore these powerful tools with me in person, I’m offering my 8-week “Turn Conflicts to Opportunities” Course in Ocean Shores and a 1-day training at Byron Community College called: “The Conscious Relationships Formula” – I would be honoured to support you in building loving, connected, turned-on relationships!

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