[Video] You DON’T Need To Overcome Your Patterns

A couple of days ago, my partner came home planning to cook a lasagna.
(he’s Italian..OMG he makes the most orgasmic lasagna!).
He went especially to the shop to get everything he needed for it,
but when he got home and opened the cupboard,
it turned out that we ran out of lasagna sheets!
(because I had used them..eek!)

This situation brought up for me a big mess of thoughts and feelings,
in fact it was my old patterns of the “abused woman” playing up.
But this time, rather than ACTING on my patterns,
I managed to do something totally different
that brought about understanding and intimacy,
rather than stress and pain.

See, the trick is, you don’t actually have to overcome your relating patterns.
You can learn to transform them into something completely different. ‚Äč
Isn’t that amazing?

I want to detail for you the process I did, so that you can do this too.
It’s totally simple and doable.

So I made you a little video,
outlining how to STOP trying to “overcome” your relating patterns
and start transforming them into love and compassion:


After you watch it I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!
Do you ever judge yourself when an old pattern comes up?
How is this new perspective helpful to you?

With much love,

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