Singles/Couples: Take Your Relating Skills to The Next Level - Learn how to Create a Loving, Connected, Turned-On, Conscious Relationship!

The Conscious Couples Formula is a powerful & practical step-by-step roadmap

that will guide you out of automatic relating patterns which cause you pain, confusion and misunderstandings – and into deeper awareness, connection, love, flow and juiciness – with yourself AND with your partner.

Saturday - May 20th - 10:00-16:00

Mullumbimy, NSW

Cost: $67 per person

Have You Ever Experienced in Relationships:

  • Repeated Fights
  • Pointless Arguments
  • Misunderstandings
  • Angry Silences
  • Trust Issues
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Any or Either of the Above??
  • Blaming, Criticising, Complaining
  • "Losing Yourself" in the Relationships
  • Difficulty to be "Truly You" in the Relationship

I Sure Have. Lots

So if you answered "Yes" to any of these, I want you to know:

It is NOT your fault, and you're not alone.



Unfortunately, none of us have been taught how to "do" this Relationship Thing.

Actually, we learnt by example - which for most of us was a shitty example, of what we saw around us...

But when people are asked to rate the most important things in their lives,

Relationships are at the TOP of that list.

So...isn't it time to learn some skills on how to do this most important thing better??


In This 5 Hour Training We Will Cover...

  • The 7-Steps of the Conscious Couple Formula – to guarantee a shift in your relating skills
  • The Crystal Clear Vision Exercise to get clear on what you want to create in your relationship
  • Blast-Off Communication Tools to boost your Self-Confidence
  • 4 Game-Shifting Practices to instantly create more love in your relationship
  • Singles: Clarity on your own ‘patterns’ and gain tools, so your next Relationship can be Totally Different..
  • The 4 Exit-Points from the Shame-Cycle (This piece alone is worth coming for – it is SO powerful)

Meet Efrat Wolfson

Efrat is a Conflict Transformation facilitator,
originally from Israel, and the Developer of The Conscious Couples Formula.

Efrat supports couples worldwide to build loving, connected,
turned-on relationships, using advanced tools & skills
of Deep Self Discovery & Communication.

Efrat's expertise comes from a decade of working with conflict groups
in Israel/Palestine, as well as her own personal journey
with conflict, separation, leaving an abusive relationship
and choosing to heal and re-pattern herself,
so she could create a beautiful, connected and healthy relationship
(with herself AND her partner).

Efrat lives and breathes the stuff she teaches.
This means you have a 100% No-Bullshit Guarantee 🙂




Here's What Some of Efrat's Students Are Saying:

I'm now aware of what really causes conflict and how to resolve it 

The course helped me to identify what my partner is really needing and what I'm needing on a deeper level, and what is actually laying underneath the expectations and conflicts, so we are now able to bring about a more complete resolution. It helped me to have more compassion towards myself and my partner, by understanding our human needs and look beyond the conflicting behaviours that we would otherwise react to. These are amazing tools to be able to evolve your own heart & mind & way of communication, I definitely recommend it!

Elias Johnson, Entrepreneur & Youth Mentor, Byron Bay, Australia 

I've Finally Found My Voice

Efrat, the tools I learnt from you have created such big shifts in my life! I've discovered how to allow all of my emotions and feelings to be valid and never ignore them when I'm communicating with others. I've managed to finally find my voice - speak up for myself & speak my truth to my partner. The Course helped me to stop reacting so quickly,  communicate better and consider what my partner is feeling and be curious about what's going on for them. I feel so much more mindful and aware of my language and others' and so much more loving towards myself as well! Can't thank you enough..Love,

Lisa Cattanach, Mullumbimby, Australia 

Since the training, I feel more confident in communicating my needs effectively.

Efrat, what a great day!  Thank you. I had lots of insights to the self. I love you facilitating style, so relaxed but still professional. Since the training, I've been feeling more confident in communicating my needs effectively & more able to say no to things I don't want in my life which reduces conflict.

Marci, Allied Health Practitioner, Northern Rivers, Australia 

Efrat's course was truly Life-Changing

I developed more empathy and a deeper understanding with my partner and kids (and myself!). I react less, don't take things personally, and listen to the feelings & needs of my partner. I know how to identify my own needs and state them clearly and confidently to my partner. Our communication has definitely improved and the effects of the course came very quickly too. Thanks Efrat!

Hedonna, Self-Employed mum of 2, Gold Coast, Australia 

Saturday - May 20th - 10:00-16:00

Mullumbimby, NSW

Cost: $67 per person