How to Stop REACTING and Start RESPONDING to Challenging Situations

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You are a soulful, caring person and you truly intend to connect and communicate respectfully with the people around you

But sometimes, in challenging situations, your emotions take over:

You find yourself “over-reacting”, blaming, getting angry and defensive,

Or you might get shut down, passive-aggressive, freeze up or leave the room.

Sometimes you say stuff that you later regret or you think: “Woah, who said THAT?”

You dream of the time when you’ll be totally emotionally free;

When you will respond to conflicts from a centered place, and won’t let your emotions steer the wheel.

This is not your fault and you are NOT alone.

Through working with hundreds of people on conflict situations for more than a decade, I can tell you that I have not met ONE person who doesn’t struggle with this stuff to some extent!


That's why I’ve decided to run a FREE webinar to share some of the strategies I’ve learned and developed to gain emotional freedom!

Hi, I'm Efrat. I am a Conflict Transformation Trainer and Facilitator, based in NSW, Australia, with over a decade of diverse experience in conflict work. I support schools, communities, couples and individuals to turn conflicts from painful, exhausting problems, to opportunities for transformation processes, bringing in more LOVE, CONNECTION, FLOW and EASE into their relationships.

I’m originally from Israel, and have worked extensively with groups of Israelis and Palestinians on long-term conflict transformation processes.  I've trained in and practice inspiring approaches such as: Conflict Transformation, Nonviolent Communication, Theatre of the Oppressed & more...

In my personal life, I've gone through some pretty hard-core conflicts (I will share more about that on the webinar)

So I TOTALLY know what it's like to have your heart smashed and dreams shattered by conflict, only to re-emerge from the other side - empowered, strong, centered and with a sense of purpose and vision!

  I would be honoured to support you on your path of emotional freedom & building better relationships with yourself and others! 


Learn - Practice - Set Yourself Free!

In this online training you will find out:

  • Why your emotions take over you sometimes, to make you emotionally "un-free"
  • 3 Power Strategies to be emotionally free,even in your worst moments
  • How to be confident to speak up for yourself in difficult situations, so that you can get your needs met in relationships
  • How to overcome shame & guilt you may have about your situation, even if you’ve been carrying it for decades.
  • PLUS The #1 thing you MUST know to overcome emotional triggers & reactions!

Here's What People Who Have Worked With Me Had To Say:

Hedonna Thurgar

“The course has caused great shifts in me that are still unfolding..I’ve found it truly life-changing!”

Ande Foster

Gained tools that support me in both professional and personal level.

Elias Johnson

“The course gave me a lot of tools to be able to deal with conflicts, to have the confidence to speak up for my opinions, my needs, my feelings”

So What are you waiting for?


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