3 Power Strategies to Stop Reacting and Start Responding for Ultimate Emotional Freedom

Watch this video to find out how to stop letting your emotions take over you whenever you get challenged, and start choosing your response consciously, so you can be emotionally free and have loving, connected relationships!


Now that you know how to shift from Automatic Reactions to Conscious Responses, go ahead and

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I am a Conflict Transformation Trainer and Facilitator, based in NSW, Australia, with EfratWolfsonover a decade of diverse experience in conflict work.

I support schools, communities, couples and individuals to turn conflicts from painful, exhausting problems, to opportunities for transformation processes, bringing in more LOVE, CONNECTION, FLOW and EASE into their relationships.

I’m originally from Israel, and have worked extensively with groups of Israelis and Palestinians on long-term conflict transformation processes.  I've trained in and practice inspiring approaches such as: Conflict Transformation, Nonviolent Communication, Theatre of the Oppressed & more...

Also, in my personal life, I've gone through some pretty hard-core conflicts

So I TOTALLY know what it's like to have your heart smashed and dreams shattered by conflict, only to re-emerge from the other side - empowered, strong, centered and with a sense of purpose and vision!  

I would be honoured to support you on your path of emotional freedom & building amazing relationships with yourself and others!