Conflict Transformation Course in Byron Bay

Transform Conflicts from Problems to Opportunities for positive change and growth!

Do you sometimes avoid conflicts?

Do you wish you had more tools to engage with conflicts positively and bring in more CONNECTION with others?

If conflicts leave you feeling guilty, depleted, despaired, disconnected or lonely,

It doesn’t have to be this way!

When we stop resisting conflicts and start engaging with them positively, conflicts can be a doorway to amazing transformation processes in our lives

In this course you will:

✓ Learn how to engage positively and effectively with conflicts in your personal AND professional life

✓ Practice tools&skills for transforming conflicts in a fun, supportive & safe space

✓ Explore how to respond consciously to conflict AND STILL GET YOUR NEEDS MET

✓ Tune-down your automatic reactions & respond in alignment with your deep values

✓ Learn to let go of shame and enhance empathy & fulfilment

✓ Be inspired by simple, transformative practices to bring more empathy, connection, ease and flow into your life

✓ Develop/enhance facilitation skills to assist you in facilitating this process to others

Intended for teachers, community leaders, people who live/work in environments of conflict, or ANYONE who wants to explore practical, powerful ways of responding to conflict nonviolently.


Byron Community College

107 Jonson Street, Byron Bay

5 Tuesdays, from 18/8 till 15/9
18:00-21:00 PM

$172 or $155 concession


I am originally from Israel,
and have been active in the Israeli-Palestinian peace movement for the past 16 years

I’ve worked for nearly a decade as coordinator and facilitator of Palestinian-Israeli conflict & dialogue encounters for youth and adults
(mainly through the Windows For Peace NGO).
As an Israeli, I’ve always been baffled by the violence and conflict in which I grew up,
and I strived to find ways to make a difference.
Through many years of working with conflict groups,
I have gathered an array of amazing, transformative tools
from various traditions and teachers,
which I have woven together to form the Nonviolent Conflict Transformation Program
It is my greatest passion and pleasure to share these tools with YOU

In Australia I have worked with schools, teachers and communities
exploring together practical, creative ways to transform conflicts.
I hold a Masters degree in Human Rights Education from Curtin University, Perth.

And besides, I’m a mum of 2 little ones, who provide me with a myriad of with daily opportunities to practice my Conflict Transformation skills! 🙂

So are you ready to start transforming conflicts in YOUR life??


or by calling: 02-66843374

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