Turn Conflicts to Opportunities Course in Ocean Shores


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Do you sometimes avoid conflicts?

Do you wish you had more tools to engage with conflicts positively and bring in more CONNECTION with yourself & others?

If conflicts leave you feeling guilty, depleted, despaired, disconnected or lonely,

it doesn’t have to be this way!

When we stop resisting conflicts and start engaging with them positively, conflicts can be a doorway to amazing transformation processes in our lives


✓ How to reprogram your subconscious mind to form new beliefs about yourself and the world 

✓ How to build loving, connected, healthy& conscious relationships with yourself and others

✓ Enhancing communication skills in difficult situations

✓ How to deal with emotional triggers and reactions

✓ How to be confident to speak up for yourself and get your needs met in relationships

✓ How to resolve inner conflicts with ease & creativity

✓ Powerful and very practical tools and skills that you can use in any area of your life

✓Weekly “Home-Play” exercises to support your integrating these tools into your everyday life.

✓ Share & practice in safe, supportive community space!

Ocean Shores, NSW

5 Mondays, starting 29th February
10:30AM -13:30 PM

+ complementary Catch Up Session from 8:30 to 10:30 on the 29th of Feb (for those with no prior NVC training) 

$285 for the full course

Sign up and pay below with credit card/Paypal:

Here’s what some past participants have to say….

 “The course has caused great shifts in me that are still unfolding..I’ve found it truly life-changing!” – Hedonna Thurger from the Gold Coast shares the transformation she has experienced thanks to the training: 

“The course gave me a lot of tools to be able to deal with conflicts, to have the confidence and be able to speak up for my opinions, my needs and my feelings”  – Elias Johnson shares about the changes in his life after participating in the Conflict Transformation Course:

So are you ready to start transforming conflicts in YOUR life?

I’d be honoured to support you on this journey.



phone: 0455236575 email: info@efratwolfson.com



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