Life Coaching

I offer specialised life coaching services for women, men and couples, to support you with removing the possible blocks that are preventing you from achieving your life and relationship goals and dreams.

I specialise in the fields of Sexuality, Relationships and Conflict Transformation.

Coaching is an incredibly effective modality, that is present- and future- focussed, not past-focussed. This means that unlike therapy, we will NOT dive into understanding your past, and WHY certain relating patterns have been established in your psyche. However we WILL seek out practical, effective and actionable strategies for breaking free from automatic subconscious relating patterns that are blocking you from true intimacy and connection with yourself AND others – so that you can create more loving connected, turned-on relationships and move forward!

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Sexuality Coaching

If you are a woman longing to create a more healthy, turned-on relationship to your sexuality and your body and experience more pleasure and deeper intimacy than every before – I can help!

I’ve been certified in the Desilets Method for feminine sexual wellbeing, developed by the incredible Dr. Saida Desilets, who’s a global thought leader and leading authority in female sexual health and vitality.

I offer 1:1 coaching, courses and workshops on sexuality-specific topics

For more information on sexuality-specific coaching/courses and clearing your sexual blocks click here.

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