Here’s what some people who have worked with me have to say….

(Thanks Guys!♥) 

 “The course has caused great shifts in me that are still unfolding..I’ve found it truly life-changing!” – Hedonna from the Gold Coast shares the transformation she has experienced thanks to the training: 

“The course gave me a lot of tools to be able to deal with conflicts, to have the confidence and be able to speak up for my opinions, my needs and my feelings”  – Elias Johnson shares about the changes in his life after participating in the Conflict Transformation Course:


Working with you has been such a valuable experienceI’ve acquired important tools to express myself in difficult situations, which I will keep using in interpersonal relationships in my life and with my partner. You offer honesty, directness and a fresh and original take on the conflict events
– Yonatan Ravon, Gedera, Israel.

“The contents of this course have set me on a course of personal development & growth which will have far reaching effects on my friends & family – and in turn, the community in which I live. Efrat’s ability to engage, explore and draw people in is amazing, her soft, gentle but direct approach makes you want to come back again & again and encourages further exploration.” 

– Ryan, Mullumbimby, NSW Australia

“I loved this course, it has enabled me to accept & grow in conflict and to see my role of being a father in a whole new light. Efrat appeared to be able to slide us through the course, to make it real, enjoyable, vital, authentic & special.”

– David, Lismore, NSW Australia 

“The course was very useful in providing tools, helping me connect with my clients and identifying their needs & solutions. These tools will be invaluable in my whole life, not just work. Efrat has fantastic delivery and teaching methods that encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone.”

– Michelle Tredoux, Solicitor, Byron Bay, Australia 

“Efrat is an engaging facilitator. She has worked with a number of staff teams within our organization exploring Nonviolent Communication and Conflict Transformation.  These topics are particularly relevant for our complex education context working with disenfranchised young people. However, the content and processes she uses are widely applicable to a range of settings and contribute to a deeper understanding of how to mainstream nonviolence.  Efrat’s life experience of growing up and working in the conflict zone of Israel and working with Israeli and Palestinian youth gives her a  and deep understanding and immediate appreciation of the need for alternative responses to violence.  I have no hesitation in recommending Efrat as a facilitator and educator for nonviolence and conflict transformation.

 – Dr Ann Morgan, Staff Formation and Professional Learning Coordinator, Youth+, Edmund Rice Education Australia

The course is very valuable to everyone in the community. We learned how to deal with conflict that happens in our everyday life + Efrat showed us many different tools. Efrat’s teaching and delivery is very easy to understand. She has a good sense of humor and knows the material very well.” 

– Wilhelmina, Mullumbimby, NSW 

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is in the educational field” – Ande Foster, teacher from Gympie shares  his experience after the 2-day Conflict Transformation Training:


“Thank you Efrat! The most important thing I gained from working with you on our conflict is the importance of seeing things from the other person’s perspective – even when I’m in conflict with them. Though this may sound “obvious”, working with you has enabled me to actually practice this understanding, and not just keep it as a theory. At the same time, you always gave me the feeling that I’m “OK”, that my feelings are always legitimate no matter what – even in the most trying moments in this difficult situation. Thanks to this approach of acceptance towards everyone in the conflict, working with you was really soothing, like an island of acceptance within a sea of accusations and blame.” 

– Gali, Rehovot, Israel

“Excellent! Very practical content, very comprehensive, interactive and stimulating. It was also challenging – in a good way! Good mix of props and presentation and ‘group’ work”

– Hedonna Thurger, Gold Coast Australia   

“Efrat has a great way of facilitating the training, and does this in an authentic way. Two days of training can be very tiring, but it felt like a natural process through the way Efrat was facilitating. It can be very challenging to open up in a group of strangers, it is not easy to establish that. But Efrat has set up the boundaries to do so, which I appreciate very much”

– Henrike, Project Worker, Melbourne


“If you’re having difficulties to deal with your inner peace or troubled with what is going on around you or maybe around the world and the conflict within yourself or with others, this is the workshop that will open the door for you and give you some tools to deal on a daily basis in life. Efrat has the ability, knowledge and the experience, She also has a good heart that invites the participant to share their stories. She listens and helps if you are stuck in some of the situations.” 

– Rima, Community Leader & Facilitator, Brisbane, Australia


“Efrat has fantastic teaching skills, she especially was very intuitive and caring for the participants’ needs. Everything was very interesting – I couldn’t wait to come back for the next session!”

– Martha, Mullumbimby, NSW Australia

Efrat’s great! patient, supportive, challenging, focused, flexible, knowledgeable, skilled, kind and funny. I would definitely recommend working with her – it is enjoyable, offering authentic learning plus valuable skills and knowledge .”

– Melissa, Teacher, Melbourne

“Dear Efrat, thank you so much for guiding us through this conflict and for your personal training with me. Thank you for your good energies and your optimism, which you have brought into our community, an optimism that sure wasn’t there before you came into the picture. I’m sure that we can grow and continue to feel you and your energies with us. you have a very special talent!”

Hilit Orr, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Excellent. Sensitive, Nurturing, Inspiring. Brilliant holding of space. Just the right amount of knowledge/content and process balance – Keep up the great work!” 

– Farid Hamid, Diversity Trainer and Consultant, Ballarat, Australia

“Working with you was excellent! I always felt your genuine support and interest in my spiritual growth. You were always professional while being yourself. I learned a great deal from our sessions together. You are knowledgeable and insightful and can communicate this is in an accessible way. You are thoughtful, compassionate and a great listener. I recommend working with you, as I’m sure you will honour whoever you are working with, through your respect and wisdom.”

– Shelley, Educator, Brunswick Heads, NSW, Australia.

This training is very helpful because I can use nonviolence to help me out when I meet violence on the streets. I learned how to change the way I speak, and think. Everything we learned was great and important, and I can use it in difficult situations, for example, applying “needs not strategies”.  Efrat’s teaching was excellent and awesome,and she engages us better with remarks that help us understand well. I would recommend this training very much for our youth today in our community. It’s very important for our people to understand the importance of NVC training, to help themselves and the community in general. I wish you expand this training to more communities here in Australia!” 

 – Deng, Santino, Front Line Team Leader, Melbourne, Australia.