Special Program for Schools/Orgs

I have developed a very special, powerful and effective program called the

Nonviolent Conflict Transformation Program (or NCT Program)

In the NCT program, I have woven together the best activities, tools and methods that I have gathered and developed during a decade of working with groups on Conflict Transformation processes, such as:

Nonviolent Communication, Theater of the Oppressed, Mindfulness practices and more.

The program supports the participants to:

✓ Develop a positive attitude towards conflicts in their lives as a motor for change.

✓ Develop conflict transformation skills, to help them deal positively with violence and conflicts in their lives.

✓ Enhance skills of self-reflection, self-awareness and empathy towards themselves and others.

Shift from being a passive victim of their life/circumstances to an active leader and creator of them.

✓ Develop critical thinking about the media and other sources of information.

✓ Develop an understanding of the concept of “historical narratives”

✓ Analyze their own lives and societies, and become motivated and empowered to transform conflicts in their own surroundings.

✓ Develop an action plan for social/environmental activism in their school / community / town/ region / state.

I’ve invested ALLOT of time, energy, dedication and love into this program

and I’ve seen participants respond so amazingly to it,

that I am certain that every school on the planet should be teaching this stuff –seriously!


The NCT program includes:

  • 9 sessions of 90 minutes each, with detailed Background Information Sheets. 
  • All supporting materials and resources: questions cards, drawings, etc.   

  • Sessions and resources all accessed online, downloadable & Printable in PDF

  • License per organization – no need to pay separately per program running

  • No need to renew license every year 
  • Giving Back – A percentage of each purchase is donated to continuing peace work in Israel/Palestine through Windows for Peace NGO

Visit the program website for full details and testimonials